Playing Cornhole (Bags, Baggo, Corn Toss) is very simple. Just follow these rules and you’ll be on your way to the finals!

  1. Flip a coin or row-scham-bo to see which team throws first.
  2. All teams must throw from behind the designated throwing line. If you step over the line, the opposing team may call a foot foul and request you to re-throw.
  3. Alternate turns throwing. Since we are only throwing at one board (compared to similar games with two boards), the throwing rotation will consist of: Team A player 1 and Team B player 1 taking turns throwing all 4 bags. Once bags have been thrown and score tallied, then Team A player 2 and Team B player 2 will take their turns throwing. Rotate after each round (a round is complete when all 8 bags have been tossed).
  4. You get 3 points for putting the bag through the hole and 1 point for any bag on the board, but not in the hole. Note: the bag cannot be touching the ground.
  5. Points are awarded after each team has thrown their 4 bags and the net score is totaled. The number of awarded points is the difference between the scores of the two teams from that round. (e.g. if Team A scores 5 points and Team B scores 3 points, Team A is awarded 2 points).
  6. Continue playing until someone reaches 21 points or when time is up at 15-minutes. (Time will be signaled.)
  7. The team that scores the points in a round throws first the next round. If no points are scored (net zero), then the team previously throwing continues to throw until points are established.
  8. Tally your score and provide to your court monitor. Make sure to note your total score, score differential (e.g. you scored 21 points and your opponent scored 14 points your differential is 7 points) and whether you won/lost.
  9. You will play 3 teams in your group. The best record and/or combination or record and point differential will be used to determine our finalists for the Beer For A Year Grand Prize. The top team from each group will make the playoffs.
  10. In case of dispute, Court Monitor/Event Director has final ruling.

Proceeds benefit Turning Point’s mission to help youth and families struggling with behavior, mental health or substance abuse issues.